Class Timetable

CROSSFIT: 60mins class of “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”

BE STRONG: 60mins class designed to build strength and muscle. There will be weights and we will focus on that mind-muscle connection.

YOGA: 60mins class consisted of poses and moves that promote flexibility and core strength. Great for your body relaxation and promotes recovery

MUAY THAI: 60 mins class learning to strike and self defend using 8 limbs. Great to improve cardio, coordination, and flexibility.

SKILLS: 60 mins class to learn and improve techniques in more complex gymnastics movements, such like the muscle ups and handstands. All levels are welcomed

WEIGHTLIFTING: 60-minute class to master the clean and jerks and the snatch! We will be focusing heavily on the mechanics to get you to be more efficient at these lifts, which will greatly improve your strength and coordination.